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10 reasons zinnias are a must in every garden

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I grow zinnias in my garden every year, and love them. Every time I look out my window, the zinnias are one of the first things that catch my eye in the garden. If you’ve never grown zinnias in your garden before, you should definitely add them to your list.

Swallowtail Butterfly On Zinnias | SavvyGardening.com

Swallowtail Butterfly On Zinnias

Why do I think every gardener should grow zinnias? Well, because zinnias…

  1. Are fast growers – Zinnias mature very quickly, and they’re one of the first flowers to bloom in my annual garden.
  2. Add tons of color – Their bright and bold eye-popping color is a real attention getter.
  3. Grow reliably – Definitely one one of the easiest, no-fuss plants I grow in my gardens.
  4. Are low maintenance – You can just plant ’em and forget ’em. Zinnias even grow great in dry garden beds.
  5. Grow quickly from seed – Toss a few seeds into a container or the garden and water them… a few days later, you’ll start to see green.
  6. Come in a rainbow of colors – Zinnias come in pretty much any color you can think of!
  7. Make great cut flowers – I add zinnias to almost every flower arrangement during the summer, and they outlast most other flowers.
  8. Are butterfly and pollinator magnets – You should grow zinnias for this reason alone! They make a great companion plant in the vegetable garden too.
  9. Grow well in pots or the garden – Yep, you can pretty much grow zinnias anywhere.
  10. Bloom all summer long – Zinnias are one of the first flowers to bloom in my annual gardens, and they bloom prolifically through first frost.

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Plus, it’s super easy to collect and save zinnia seeds and grow them year after year. Simply allow a few flower heads to turn brown on the plant, break them apart to collect the seeds, and you’ll never have to buy zinnia seeds again. – Ok that was 11 reasons, how’s that for a bonus!

Do you grow zinnias in your garden? What reasons would you add to this list?

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3 Responses to 10 reasons zinnias are a must in every garden

  1. Joe says:

    I’ve never grown zinnias before, but I think I’ll definitely start. They’re beautiful!

  2. JessB says:

    My veg garden isn’t complete without zinnias! I agree with all your points and would add HAPPINESS. They just make me happy every time I see them. I save my own seed from them but just ordered 5 other varieties to get more color into the mix!

  3. Linda muir says:

    Do the deer like them?

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