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Savvy Gardening features the voices of three gardening experts. Read about each contributor below, as well as our goal for sharing our gardening expertise.

Jessica Walliser headshotJessica Walliser is a horticulturist and the author of seven gardening books, including the Amazon best-seller Good Bug Bad Bug, the American Horticultural Society’s 2014 Book Award Winner Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden, Container Gardening Complete, and Gardener’s Guide to Compact Plants. Her newest book, PlantPartners: A Science-Based Guide to Companion Planting for the Vegetable Garden, will be released in December of 2020. For 15 years, Jessica contributed two weekly columns to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review where she had the pleasure of covering a wide range of gardening topics. Jessica was also the long-time co-host of The Organic Gardeners, an award-winning program on KDKA Radio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has a degree in horticulture from the Pennsylvania State University and is the former owner of a 25-acre organic market farm. She is also the acquisitions editor for The Quarto Group’s gardening imprint, Cool Springs Press. 

Niki Jabbour is the award-winning author of four books – The Year Round Vegetable Gardener (2012 American Horticultural Society Book Award), Groundbreaking Food Gardens: 73 Plans That Will Change the Way You Grow Your GardenVeggie Garden Remix: 224 New Plants to Shake Up Your Garden and Add Variety, Flavor, and Fun (Winner of the 2019 American Horticultural Society Book Award, Winner of the Gold Book Award from GardenComm, and winner of the 2019 Silver Award from Taste Canada), and Growing Under Cover: Techniques for a More Productive, Weather-Resistant, Pest-Free Vegetable Garden. She also writes for magazines like Fine Gardening, Horticulture, and Birds & Blooms. Niki is an in-demand speaker, offering seminars and keynotes at events, shows, societies, and greenhouses across North America such as the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, The Dow Gardens, The Philadelphia Flower Show, The Boston Flower Show, and Canada Blooms. Since 2006, Niki has hosted and executive produced her popular radio show, The Weekend Gardener which airs on News 95.7 FM in Halifax as well as online. For her broadcasting work, Niki won the 2015 Gold Award from GardenComm as ‘Best On-Air Talent’. Niki is very active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and you can find her gardening videos on Youtube. When she’s not writing, speaking, or broadcasting about food gardening Niki is harvesting year-round from her twenty raised bed vegetable garden in Halifax, Nova Scotia which is filled with an eclectic mixture of popular vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans, as well as unique heirloom varieties, and crops from around the world like cucamelons, snake gourds, and za’atar.

Tara NolanTara Nolan is a gardening writer, speaker, and author from Dundas, Ontario. Her first book, the best-selling Raised Bed Revolution: Build It! Fill It! Plant It! Garden Anywhere (Cool Springs Press), was published in 2016. Her brand new book, Gardening Your Front Yard: Projects and Ideas for Big & Small Spaces (Cool Springs Press) was published in March 2020. Tara loves planting a mix of food and flowers in her multiple raised beds and perennial gardens. In 2016, Tara appeared on WNED Buffalo’s Garden Wisdom program as an edibles expert. For six years, Tara was the award-winning web editor of Canadian Gardening magazine’s website. Her lecture experience includes talks at Canada Blooms, Canada’s largest flower and garden festival, Royal Botanical Garden, Toronto Botanical Garden, and Lee Valley Tools, as well as garden clubs and horticultural societies. Tara has also written about gardening for the Toronto Star, CBC Life, Garden Making, The Globe and MailReader’s Digest, Canadian Living, and Style at Home, among others. She is currently on the editorial board of Ontario Gardener magazine. When she’s not in the garden, this card-carrying member of GardenComm, formerly the Garden Writer’s Association, is on her mountain bike or traveling somewhere to check out public and private gardens, always intent on discovering the next big gardening craze. Tara also considers herself to be pretty crafty (meaning creative, not sly), and while you probably aren’t going to learn about her talent with a needle and thread here, you will learn about the amazing (and crafty!) garden creations growing right outside her back door.

Our Mission

Savvy Gardening™ is a place where fresh gardening voices come together to revel in the charms and fascinations of the horticultural world. It’s a place where art and science play nicely together, where you’ll find curious musings on everything from voodoo lilies and cucamelons, to the merits of wheel bugs and Vietnamese coriander. We are three garden writers, from two different countries and three different hardiness zones, each with a unique knowledge base, a passionate voice and a weighted opinion. Savvy Gardening exists to offer fanatical (and newbie) gardeners of all abilities and persuasions innovative solutions, novel ideas, enlightening research and a solid dose of sensible advice. We believe that gardens not only offer beauty and food and respite, but they’re also life laboratories. They are places where we can experiment, discover, dissect and reconnect with nature in all its forms. We believe that arming gardeners with confidence and information is what Savvy Gardening is all about.

To Reach Us

Want to contact one or all of the Savvy Gardening™ experts? You can reach us by emailing this address:
savvygardening [at] gmail.com.

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16 Responses to About Us

  1. Way to go, Savvygirls! Mega-congrats and it’s nice to see an international initiative. Keep up the great commentary, advice, and photos. Love the bug section…!

    • Lisa Porter says:

      Greetings from Perth Australia!

      I recently heard Jessica on the Epic Gardeing podcast and would love to join your email list if you have one.

      She was epic!!

      Kind regards

  2. Carole Coates says:

    Great to learn more about the personalities behind the great gardening blogs.

  3. Thanks os much for your recent CBC artcle on Container Plantings. I really appreciated the links for seed companies offering cultivars esp. adapted to container growing. It came just in time for my blog https://grandmasprairiegarden.wordpress.com/ posting on containers. Another cultivar you might check out is the Swift tomato (Named for the Swift Current SK Research Station where it was developed) Excellent for containers, small spaces and cold climates.

  4. Susan says:

    Hi. I happened upon the middle of an interesting video about beneficial insects, and clicked to restart it, but lost it entirely.
    How do I search your videos?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Susan. We also post all of our videos to our YouTube Channel so you can always watch them there. Go to YouTube.com and search for Savvy Gardening. Our channel will pop up (with the SG logo in a circle) and then you can scroll through all the videos we have there — with lots more to come!

  5. Musette says:

    you gals are AWESOME!!! I love watching your videos and learning new gardening tips (even though I’m old enough to be your mom! 😉 – it’s so refreshing to read and watch gardening ideas for colder climates!

  6. Ian Edward Williams says:

    Jessica, I just listened to a podcast where you spoke of not doing fall cleanup. Very very interesting points I have not considered. I wanted to ask about cleaning up leaves in fall
    ?… That’s all good eh? Leaving Perennials makes sense. Sadly I have been reeking havoc for the last 9 years and never even knew! In regards to fall cleaning at least. Otherwise
    I like to believe I’m in the Gaia Harmony.

  7. Jeremy Starke says:

    Love your site and the wide range of expertise that all of your contributors have. Gearing up for the spring garden seasons. Thanks for all your knowledge bombs you gals provide!


  8. Tammey Keyes says:

    No clue how this showed up on my computer…. but I sure am HAPPY HAPPY it did!!! Love all the information. Thanks for all the hard work you guy’s do. I am beyond appreciative!!!!

  9. Larry says:

    Just “Bookmarked” your site! Thank you for the efforts to educate a new generation to the ins and outs of gardening. We as a species have lost so much precious, hard learned, centuries old knowledge of gardening in the past 100 years. There is a revolution of “back to the soil” instructors emerging, thank you for answering the call! And you are lovely women at that! Gardening is where our solutions for the future are and I am finding many here! Thanks! 🙂 Larry 🙂

  10. Hello! After I top dress my lawn with compost, would this be in vein if the gardener comes a week later & mows?
    Or shall I wait for his last visit, the winter clean up, and the top dress so that my lawn can wait out the season, with snow & the elements helping it to really sink in?

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