Three quick steps to winter carrots

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Carrots are the most popular crop in our winter garden with the cold temperatures turning the roots into sugar-filled ‘candy carrots’. Our winter carrots are planted in mid-summer in both garden beds and cold frames, and although ‘Napoli’ and ‘Yaya’ yield the sweetest orange carrots, the kids also like to seed a rainbow of colours including red, yellow, white, and purple.

Once the November temperatures start to nose-dive, we deep mulch the carrot beds before the ground freezes. By pre-gathering the materials – I keep bags of shredded autumn leaves beside my compost bin – winterizing our carrot beds takes just 5 quick minutes.

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3 steps to winter carrots:

1 – Gather your materials. You’ll need shredded leaves or straw, a row cover or bed sheet, and a few rocks for weighing down the cover. You can also use garden staples like these, to secure the fabric. They work great, but will poke small holes in the covers. I only use staples when I have old row covers that are already well used and I don’t mind further damage.

2 – Cover your carrot bed with a 1 to 1 1/2 foot deep layer of mulch.

3 – Top the mulch with the row cover or sheet and weigh down with rocks (or logs). This will prevent the mulch from blowing away.

Bonus step – Add a bamboo stake beside the bed so that you know where to dig when the garden is covered in snow!

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6 Responses to Three quick steps to winter carrots

  1. Cindi says:

    When is the last date you can plant carrots and beets for a fall crop?

  2. Barclay A. Dunn says:

    For cold frames, do the plants grow their greens up into the foot of mulch? I’m confused as to what this looks like once they are well underway growing.

  3. Brenda and Greg says:

    I have June planted carrots that have stayed small this year that are still in in my hoop garden. Can I mulch and leave these for later harvest?

    • Niki Jabbour says:

      Hi Brenda!! I hope all is well in your garden 🙂 Yes, as long as the roots have sized up by late autumn you can totally cover them with mulch. I would wait until late Nov/early Dec however. Frost is not an issue and will sweeten up the roots. Just add the mulch before the ground freezes. – Niki

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