Snapped: Concrete block beds

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Are you thinking about adding a new bed to your garden this year? Buying the materials for a raised bed can get expensive, but you can keep the budget in check by purchasing inexpensive materials, or reusing items you already have – and concrete blocks are the perfect choice.

Concrete blocks are also easy to work with, and can be installed right over grass or weeds, making this a quick DIY project that can be completed in an afternoon. Plus, as a fun bonus, the holes in the concrete blocks make wonderful planters for flowers and herbs to border the garden. Find the full step-by-step instructions for building the beds here.





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13 Responses to Snapped: Concrete block beds

  1. Sue Gilmore says:

    We put in a nice long one 2 years ago. Someday, I hope it will be pavers, but my hubby loves the holes. We’ve had nice strawberries in them.

    • savvygardening says:

      That’s wonderful Sue! We planted one of the beds we built with strawberries too, I bet it looks beautiful once the strawberries fill in.


  2. William Fagan says:

    Have you heard or read anything about the dangers of Cinder Block and the poisons that might leach into the soil from them? I built mine and am now going to use Plastic to stop the leaching. I will put the plastic visqueen between the dirt and the cinder block. Thank you for the tips too. William

    • Yes, I have heard of that. Check with the place that you bought them because as far as I understand, it’s only certain blocks that are made with cinder and many of these types of blocks are made from concrete, which (as far as I’ve read) are safe to use.

  3. Yvonne says:

    I love this idea and your s looks so nice but I thought you weren’t supposed to make planters out of these blocks. Something about bad things leaching into the soil. I hope this is not true because I just love your idea. Is there something special that has to be done to the blocks?

  4. Betty says:

    Amy, I didn’t read that you once used the word “Cinderblock” even the Home Depot uses the term concrete blocks. People must be careful to read the exact wording on products.

  5. barb says:

    love this ty

  6. Debby J says:

    Does the dirt in the concrete block holes dry out much faster causing the need to water more than usual?

  7. Phyllis says:

    These looks so good, & it is simple too! I really like the idea of planting herbs inside the blocks around the edge. We or rather, I have been wanting some raised beds for a long time, so now it looks to be very possible in the near future.
    Probably in the Spring.

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