Snapped: Basil varieties

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There is no doubt that sweet Basil makes a delicious kitchen companion, but don’t get stuck in a rut. There is tremendous diversity in the “basil world” with dozens of different selections, each providing their own culinary flair.’Sweet Dani’, an introduction from Purdue University, is very high in citrus-flavored essential oils. Tasting much like lemons, this former All America Selections winner is a must have for cooks who enjoy making fish and poultry and lemon-flavored teas and desserts. ‘Pesto Perpetuo’ has light green foliage with a cream-colored edge and a flavor that remains constant throughout the season. This selection grows up to four feet tall! On the other side of the size spectrum is ‘Fino Verde’: a sweet, small, bush-type basil perfect for container gardeners. Its spicy flavor is highly aromatic, and the tiny leaves are a mere half inch long.

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