Fun with foliage: Extreme coleus colour

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This post is really just to brag about the two coleus… Wait, what’s the plural of coleus. Coleuses? Coleei? I just Googled and it’s coleuses. Let’s start this again. This post is really just to brag about the two coleuses that I picked up at a spring plant sale. I have no idea what variety they are because they were grown from cuttings at the Royal Botanical Garden where I volunteered in the greenhouse last winter. My point in showing them is to prove that flowers needn’t always have all the fun. Sometimes the foliage is really the star of the show.

I planted each coleus in its own pot, but both could have been the “thrillers” in my container arrangements. The sad part is that shortly after I took the photo of the lime green and brown coleus that is shown above, a giant gust of wind knocked it from the cheap plastic table on which it sat and broke it in half. But it’s still growing strong and may just make it back to its majestic size by the end of the summer!


I don’t think the camera can adequately capture the shade of fuchsia in this coleus – or the fabulous green mottled tips!


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