Mini holiday houseplants

Easy projects for mini holiday houseplants

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Last year, as I was pushing my cart around a local garden centre, trying to decide between an amaryllis and paperwhites, I discovered something sitting among a table of poinsettias: a mini poinsettia! I brought it home and popped it into a tealight candle holder and thus started my obsession with miniature houseplants. This year, as I started to figure out what festive plants to buy, I decided to get creative with a few mini holiday houseplants.

mini poinsettia

My first mini poinsettia. Isn’t it sweet?

What I love about miniature houseplants is that you can buy a few to play with and not break the bank. For these projects, I worked with a lot of materials that I already had. The most expensive item I bought was black reindeer moss, but I was able to use it for two projects and I’m sure I’ll make use of it again. (Side note:If you get it wet and say try to wipe it off a table, the dye comes off. It does come out with a wet cloth, but be warned!) Minis also make great hostess or teacher gifts.

Here are a few easy projects for mini holiday houseplants

Tabletop centerpiece with mini cyclamen and mini winterberry houseplants

Plant cost: $2.99 x 3 and $3.99 x 2

I had a wooden box kicking around in my garage (I knew it would come in handy someday!) that I’d saved from some gift or other, so I painted it with some red acrylic paint, filled it with indoor potting soil after the paint dried, and plunked my plants in. And I nestled a bit of black reindeer moss around the plants to conceal the soil. I love how the cyclamen’s patterned leaves and dark stems complement the winterberry foliage, and then there’s the pop of white with the blooms and the red berries. But you could use other mini holiday houseplants for this in various combos, too. Both plants like moist soil, so they should live happily together.

Mini cyclamen and winterberry arrangement

The festive arrangement looks really lovely on my living room table, but would also look fantastic as a centrepiece on a dining table.

Mini cyclamen and winterberry - closeup of a holiday arrangement

These mini white cyclamen are superstars all on their own. The variegated foliage is gorgeous and I love the pop of white against the red.

Mason jar flowerpot with mini frosty fern

Plant cost: $2.99

You gotta love the versatility of Mason jars. This one was the perfect size for my Frosty fern. I placed some potting soil in the jar, put the plant inside, and tied some Merry Christmas ribbon around the top. A grouping of these would look nice in a shallow tray on a table with pinecones or baubles placed about.  It could also be used as a placecard holder, too! This guy likes moist soil and humidity, but prefers indirect light.

Frosty fern in a Mason jar

Frosty ferns look great in a multitude of holiday arrangements, but they also stand well on their own!

Tealight candleholder placecard with mini poinsettia

Plant cost: $2.99

I do love a traditional red poinsettia, but I fell in love with the variegated cream and pink of this little beauty. For this one, I pulled out the tealight candleholder that I used last year and put together a place setting with an Ikea placemat and napkin that I can’t wait to pull out over the holidays. You could add a little name tag here, as well. Poinsettias like a lot of light, so place them near a sunny window. Check to make sure the soil remains moist.

mini poinsettia placecard

Add a little tag and use this poinsettia as a placecard holder or as a gift!

Hanging ornament with mini kalanchoe

Plant cost: On sale for .99 cents, but regularly $2.99!

I had a lovely glass hanging ornament that I used for a succulent terrarium article a few years ago, so I decided to dust it off and place a different type of plant inside. The kalanchoe was featured alongside its succulent cousins at the garden centre, so I knew it would work (though I double-checked with an employee to make sure). For this one, I used a bit of cactus potting soil around the root ball and added some of that black reindeer moss around it. Then, I simply looped some ribbon through it, tied it to my curtain rod in the window of my dining room and voilà, a hanging ornament. This window gets lots of light, which the plant will like. The soil should dry out between watering.

Mini kalanchoe ornament

In a photo, the kalanchoe ornament shows a bit better on white, so I decided to show it both ways.

Mini houseplants were also featured in a post I wrote called Indoor plant love: The coolest houseplants. I couldn’t resist because they are pretty cool. Do you have any project plans using mini holiday houseplants?

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Easy festive projects for mini holiday houseplants

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