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Amy’s picks for garden gifts

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We’ve had some awesome ideas for gifts for gardeners this month, and I’m going to wrap up this series with my top picks. I’ve chosen three of my favorite things that I use constantly and wouldn’t want to live without.

Kitchen scale

I absolutely love my kitchen scale and it spends the entire gardening season on my kitchen counter. It’s not only cute, it’s functional. I use it to weigh every ounce of produce I harvest from my garden and I then keep track of it all in a spreadsheet. Then at the end of the year, I sum up the totals and head to the grocery store to see how much money my garden saved me. It’s a fun tradition.

Indoor mini greenhouse

Here’s a nice idea for the indoor gardener or those who like to start seeds indoors. I use my mini greenhouse to grow my fussy houseplants – those that need a lot of humidity through the winter. I also use my indoor greenhouse to start my seeds, it’s the perfect size for seed flats and there’s even room to hang light fixtures under the shelves if you wanted to.

Rain barrel

Just think of the look on their face when they see this giant gift under the tree, how fun! A rain barrel is a great gift for gardeners. Rainwater is the best type of water to use on plants, and a rain barrel can provide a free supply of water all season long. It’s the gift that keep on giving.

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What garden gifts would you add to this list?

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