Last minute garden gift ideas

A last-minute garden gift guide!

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With just a few short weeks left until the holidays, we want to help you check off all the nice gardeners on your shopping list! We know that quality tools and gear make all the difference when you’re seeding, planting, weeding, watering, pruning, digging, and doing all the many tasks that we do to keep our gardens looking their best. Since 1978, Lee Valley Tools has been a go-to store for American and Canadian gardeners and below you’ll find our own picks for favorite garden gear. For even more gift-giving ideas, check out Lee Valley’s terrific online gift catalog.

A last-minute Lee Valley garden gift guide

From our bug-loving horticulturist, Jessica Walliser: Raspberry Cane Cutter

“When I spotted this handy cutting tool on the Lee Valley Tools website, ideas immediately started swirling around inside my head. Though it’s marketed as a raspberry cane cutter, my husband and I have found a myriad of uses for this bad boy. Not only do we cut down and clean out the old raspberry canes with it every spring, we also use it to help manage multi-flora rose, honeysuckle vines, barberry stems, weed brambles, and lots of other invasive plants in the woods at the back of our property.

The telescoping handle is awesome; you can adjust the height of the handle with just a twist. And, since both of us have back problems, we love not having to bend over to cut plants down like we do with a lopper or a pair of pruners. You just grab the top of the stalk you want to cut, and then slice it off at the base with the cane cutter’s hooked blade. The cut plant material gets tossed right into the wheelbarrow or tractor cart—you don’t even have to bend down to pick it up!”

Lee Valley raspberry cane cutter

The Lee Valley raspberry cane cutter in action.

From our ornamental plant aficionado, Tara Nolan: Tubtrugs & Fabric Pots

“My two picks could also double as a gift bag. (That’s my eco-friendly tip of the day!) The first is a Tubtrug. I use this ALL THE TIME. I’m either tossing weeds in it, using it to move soil around the yard, filling it with the tools I need for a certain task, or using it to hold plants I’m transplanting or dividing. The other day I used it to collect all the branches I cut from my property for my holiday urns and bring them to the front of the house. It’s lightweight and makes it easy to lug around whatever I need.

Tub trugs could double as a gift bag!

Tub trugs could double as a gift bag!

My second pick is a fabric pot. At Lee Valley they come in a few different sizes. I recommend fabric pots in my book (Raised Bed Revolution) because you can get them in different shapes and sizes, including the size of a small raised bed. Apparently they’re great for air circulation (the air flow promotes a healthy, strong root system). The best part? They’re lightweight, which is perfect if you have a balcony or deck, and you can shake ’em out and fold them up to store for the winter. I’ve used mine to grow potatoes and they’d be great to contain spreaders, like mint.”

Fabric pots would make excellent stocking stuffers!

Fabric pots would make excellent stocking stuffers!

From our year-round vegetable growing expert, Niki Jabbour: Adjustable Flow Drip Spike

Lee Valley drip spike“Confession time: I’m a neglectful waterer! It’s true, just ask my houseplants. However, thanks to the Adjustable Flow Drip Spikes, my indoors plants are no longer wilted or crispy. The spikes are inexpensive, effective, and pair up with any plastic drink bottle, up to 2 litres (4 pints) in volume.

Just fill the bottle, screw it onto the spike, and adjust the water flow according to the moisture needs of your houseplants or herbs. The water supply lasts around two weeks at which point, I pop them out of the soil, refill, and the cycle begins again. Easy peasy! The spikes are super helpful if you’re going away on vacation for a week or two, and you can even use them in your outdoor container gardens on decks and patios.”



For more information on Lee Valley garden tools, check out their website and their holiday gift catalog

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168 Responses to A last-minute garden gift guide!

  1. Cindi Palmer says:

    Plant 50 tomato plants, adding new varieties I have not grown before, on my driveway in colourful plastic tubs along with basil, green peppers and eggplants.

  2. Geryl Thatcher says:

    My garden is on the local horticultural garden tour in July. I will be busy making my garden look beautiful and perfect.

  3. Kim Bretz says:

    Square foot gardening! Tons of veg!

  4. Lloyd C. says:

    As a new addition I plan to add another 4×8 raised bed and build a cold frame.

  5. Judy schmidbauer says:

    2017 will be the year to design and construct a perennial flower garden on our Cape Breton property!

  6. Linda Wooster says:

    My garden plans for 2017 include planting a grove of eight plum trees (two varieties hardy to zone 3 since I live in northern Vermont) and planting fifteen raspberry plants in a spot I’ve been preparing since last spring.

  7. Joy says:

    We moved our vegetable beds this fall, doubling our number of beds in the process. So growing more vegetables is my big plan for 2017. That and replacing a few non-native shrubs with native ones.

  8. Debbie Bashford says:

    I am going to be doing container and raised gardens this summer as regular gardening is getting hard on my back

  9. Amy says:

    I live in a semi- arid climate so I plan to reduce our small grass area to even more xeriscape.

  10. Thom says:

    Planning to expand native plant gardens in 2017.

  11. Kelly Osmond says:

    I want to expand a little bit but also work on perfecting what I do have. And maybe focus on things I haven’t always done, like spacing my bean plantings so I always have beans on the go!

  12. Cheryl says:

    More carrots and sunflowers again…I only had two or three this year.

  13. Janis Brown says:

    In 2017 I am planning to renovate a couple of flower beds in my yard due to increasing shade from neighbouring trees. My day lilies are growing at an angle, reaching for the sun and are not thriving. My Geranium Phaeum is thriving but once it has lowered looks a mess. therefore I plan to relocate Epimediums, ferns and Hakonechloa from other shaded beds where they seem to be thriving. I am hoping that these plants will provide more structure than i currently have in these beds. I am hoping to find places for the sun loving plants that are currently in these borders but am not optimistic about their longevity in the long term. As usual I will also plant up a mixture of annual transplants in pots to place on my back deck and front steps to provide instant pops of colour.

  14. Billie Brownell says:

    My garden plans are to plant to support nature to “bring nature home.” It’s up to us.

  15. Charlotte Sikatori says:

    I have plans to expand into growing herbs.

  16. Kathy Rothhaar says:

    Since my husband retired in September I’m going to employ him to do more yard work so I can give more time to my three vegetable gardens. But don’t tell him. Lol

  17. Margaret says:

    Build a raised bed for cutting flowers, add a peach and plum tree, plant a few ornamental shrubs/evergreens along the property line for privacy and, most importantly, install a drip system in my ornamental beds….which will mean MORE experimentation with ornamental seed starting 🙂

  18. Debbie says:

    We are in a rental house where the garden had been neglected. The plan is to try to get a better handle on the weeds.

  19. Barbara Hopkin says:

    My plans for 2017 is to move all of my vegetables to avoid disease. Also I want to plant more varieties of beans. I plans to build an obelisk in the middle of my garden to add height interest and mix flowers and vegetables. Winter is the time for designing the next season…’s kind of fun too!

  20. Bonnie Hamilton Berry says:

    I am longing to get my hands in manure/dirt…and I want a hori hori for Christmas badly…I have a new area that I intend to make a large rose bed…

  21. Megan likely says:

    Try to plan for and grow most of our vegetables for our family, as well, add some more citrus trees indoors 🙂

  22. Lawrence Spencer says:

    I Plan to finish laying more slate in the front garden and add a lot of different ground covers to fill in the spaces and around the edges.

  23. Sarah G says:

    Start seedlings this winter to take advantage of my cold frame in the spring. Expand my container vegetable garden. Build a few raised beds, hopefully with help from a wished for item, ‘Raised Bed Revolution’ by Tara Nolan. Think about what I’ll grow the following year. 😀

  24. Sherry Chaisson says:

    Add to my stumpery!

  25. Pam Goulbourne says:

    Ive never thought of growing rice! I think I will do just that in 2017!

  26. Marilyn says:

    I plan to plant many more Hellebore _ I think I’m in love!!!

  27. Tomoko says:

    1. Plant a climbing rose against front deck wall
    2. Try my very first “year round garden” from Feburary! Keep seeding!!
    3. Enjoy plenty of veggies from my garden!
    4. Try composting

    It’ll be a busy and challenging year for me but very excited about it!

  28. Margie says:

    Our garden deer fencing is not too good,,, would be nice to have a stronger!!!

  29. Carol Dawson says:

    This will be our 25th year in our home. We have built many gardens in our yard. This year, I hope to build some raised beds to use for growing more veggies. Our back yard has quite a slope, so raised beds will make it easier to harvest.

  30. Maria Comas says:

    I’m thinking about taking out my current shrubs and planting ones with fall berries (for the birds) in my front yard. Thanks for the idea, Jess! 🐦🐝

  31. Kathleen Finlay says:

    In 2017 I plan to build cold frames for my raised beds using a set of brackets I picked up at Lee Valley in the spring. I can’t wait to be able to grow vegetables into the late fall.

  32. Samantha neukomm says:

    Extending our vegetable and flower beds in 2017, already have the mulch, just waiting for spring!

  33. Kathy Harvie says:

    My plans are to renovate one of my shade beds.

  34. Jean Snow says:

    I will continue to build our community garden with donating great food and running children’s programs along with organizing all the volunteers who want to give back to all the food insecure people. Love the seeding square! Used it last year with great success.

  35. Wendy K-S says:

    Cool gadgets! My garden plan is the same general plan as every year, EXCEPT to stick to the part about not neglecting it when it gets too hot and buggy outside!!’

  36. Brenda Crawford says:

    Sam Crawford In preparation for. Next gardening season I have asked for a Lee Valley gift card, there are lots of things I want from there…I want to have some large planters filled with herbs and veggies as well as some flowers. I plant to mix flowers with vegetables that will be good companions and enable the veggies to grow well,but I have seen some gardens with veggies like kale and swiss chard in with flowers and shrubs and it look really fabulous.i would like to get some tools that help get the weeds out better and cultivate the soil Better..BTW,I hope you have Niki Jabours books because I have given two away to friends and would buy more……..thanks so much for another chance to win

  37. Janis Cann says:

    I would like to try and build a new raised bed.

  38. tricia horsman says:

    We are building a cold frame in the new year. May have to look attending in our raised beds too as the deer are really enjoying our garden

  39. Janis says:

    I would like to try a raised bed.

  40. RC says:

    My first plan of action for 2017 is to see how many flowers come up from the fall planting of 300+ bulbs. Hopefully, I smile.

    My overall plan is to reduce my work in the yard and garden by perhaps planting rows closers together to decrease exposed soil so I don’t have to till the rows. (I do love a fresh tilled row though).

    I need to see what exactly is the issue with my Norlands apple tree. Can it be saved or do I need to replace it?

    I also need to keep digging the small trench that runs along the garage. It will be covered in landscape cloth and filled in with white landscape rock. Should look pretty with the morning glories, clematis and hollyhocks.

    Most of all, I think finding a yard hand (boyfriend haha) would be most beneficial. Then let the garden planning begin!

  41. Harold Reed says:

    We plan to expand on the number of elevated plantings for my wife who had spinal fusion surgery and can no longer bend, yet wants to continue gardening.

  42. Andrea says:

    Just trying to keep everything alive!

  43. Maggie Oster says:

    Simplify some of the ornamental areas. Move the small fruit area to where it will be more accessible. Add more raised beds for vegetables and herbs.

  44. Howard Cole says:

    I’ve started vermicomposting in the past month, so starting next spring my gardens will begin enjoying the results of all that black gold!

  45. Marcy Cunkelman says:

    Doubling the size of our veggie garden, adding more fruit producing native trees and shrubs, and adding more native plants for pollinators, birds, butterflies and other critters. Love using the correct tools to make the work easier to do.

  46. Anne J H says:

    Adding more perennials, especially irises is my goal. Need to fill in a new bed we made this year. Also need to find a better means of irrigating.

  47. Christine Hanham says:

    Red and White annuals to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday! Starting seeds in April. When that fails, buying plants in June. Wish me luck!

  48. Carole says:

    Build a greenhouse!

  49. Jennifer says:

    My garden plans for 2017 include planting some Haskap plants. Would also like to establish a small herb garden.

  50. Jennifer says:

    My garden goals include planting some Haskap plants and establishing a herb garden

  51. Debra says:

    Expanding & adding more fence to our garden.

  52. Linda Hachez says:

    In 2017 I hope to relocate my veggie garden to a sunnier spot, as the trees near the current beds have grown so much they are casting too much shade. I have trimmed them as much as possible, however, the canopy is just too high now and cutting it down is not an option. Since I have spent years building up that soil, I will try to have as much of it as possible removed and worked into the new site.

  53. john sanderson says:

    This is my third winter of growing greens in mini-hoop houses (thank you Niki and Eliot Coleman!) and am still surprised at the yield. I also got bees this year, so planting took a bit of a backseat, but with row cover and an amazingly warm fall, things are growing nicely. We planted some winter rye for cover crop to enhance two of our small beds as an experiment.

    Next year – bringing my honey bees home – I was nervous about having them in our small backyard next to a playground but after a full season in 2 other urban yards, I realize bees are quite benign and not threatening in the least. Can’t wait to do a split in the spring and watch the gardens flourish.

    My wife tells me she saw a low tunnel at Lee Valley recently – maybe I’ll have one for Christmas – depends if she reads this blog 🙂

  54. Linda Hachez says:

    My plans for 2017 include moving my veggie garden as some surrounding trees are casting too much shade for the garden to thrive. I have thinned the canopy for years, now it is just too high and cutting the trees down is not an option.

  55. Patricia Patterson says:

    in 2017 I’m going to try square foot gardening in my new raised bed!

  56. Lynn M says:

    My garden plan for 2017 is to finish the making the raised beds, spread some more topsoil and plant some fruit trees (along with a nice selection of vegetables).

  57. Rachel says:

    Add some cold frames and expand my herb garden.

  58. Linda Regan says:

    I have been gardening for 40 years and this year I plan to garden using the permaculture method. I love Lee Valley gardening tools. They are the best tools I have ever seen.

  59. Leanne Loma says:

    My plans are to build a children’s garden for my 4 and 7 year old. My daughter wants to plant a butterfly garden after raising baby monarchs last year. My son is all about planting himself some peas to graze on while playing outside. They love gardening!

  60. Joanne C Toft says:

    Reading comments was great. It gave me ideas on what I need to think about. I am currently moving my hand written garden journal to on line. It becomes a nice review on what works and did not work. I know one area of learning is to grow fruit – blueberries (failed) and raspberries (a small crop). I also will be expanding the perennial beds in the front garden. The back has an old stone patio which is being turned over to a rock garden with perennials as well. There is always lots to do and tools needed.

  61. Joanne C Toft says:

    I am working on my rock garden next year and expanding the perennial bed in the front garden. I tried to add a picture but it won’t allow me to. Loved reading everyone’s thoughts for next year.

  62. Hope says:

    I hope to make a medicinal herb garden as well as a wildflower garden (for the bees and to help my veggies!) I also want to fill in a sad garden area with plenty of bulbs for next year.

  63. Adina White says:

    In addition to my regular plants, I’m planning to try either quinoa or amaranth mainly for greens. I would also like to convince my husband to add another raised bed for more veggies.

  64. Cathy says:

    I will be working on developing an alpine garden as well as adding some more perennials to existing garden areas.

  65. Cathy says:

    I will be working on developing an alpine garden as well as adding more perennials to existing garden areas.

  66. Erica says:

    This is the first year we’re done with all the building, moving and transplanting in our garden area so our plans are to enjoy our work!

  67. Karen J. says:

    I will be extending my gardening season into September and October- the last few falls have been so mild here in upstate NY.

  68. Kerri Conrad says:

    Our garden plans for 2017 include planting a vegetable garden and planting more fruit bearing trees and bushes, such as haskaps.

  69. Michele Schraa says:

    I plan to shop at Lee Valley, get more stakes for my plants. Add to my hosta collection.

  70. Tara Moore says:

    Add more soil, mulch and stones to my garden. Also need to improve my lawn by adding lime.

  71. Keely says:

    2017 will be year of the veggie garden! Aim is to grow as much of our own produce as possible. Now if winter could finish up already… 😉

  72. LelaS says:

    2017 will see mixed lettuces and herbs in border area plus new lavender seeds. Would like to find alpine strawberries to grow in containers.

  73. Elaine Gillan says:

    I plan on downsizing the kitchen garden, adding asparagus and planting some more native perennials and hopefully get some blueberries and black currants from bushes I planted this year. That is, if the deer don’t get them first.

  74. Andrea says:

    I plan on removing a playset from my backyard and beginning an urban small scale cut flower garden, with a view to one day owning a flower farm. Fingers crossed!

  75. Susan Gilmour says:

    I am planning a butterfly garden in the spring. Lots of milkweed, butterfly weed, ecinaceas, rudbeckias and mulleins. It’s ready for compost and manure, can’t wait.

  76. Sandra says:

    Lots of landscaping to do around our new home. Can’t wait to get started!

  77. Miranda says:

    I want to give as a gift to my mom. She broke her humerus last year and so I had to help her with a bunch of her gardening in the summer. We got to spend some extra time together doing something she loves, and really bond.

    Her arm still hasn’t healed and she may need to go in for surgery so I’d like to give the gift card to her with a note about gardening together with her again this summer. 🙂

  78. Leslie says:

    We have just moved into a new-to-us home with my daylilies and hostas travelling in black containers. I plan to study the yard for sun patterns and exposure over the winter and see what buds out in the spring. Then the garden renovations will begin!

  79. L.C. says:

    I’m looking forward to a great gardening season in 2017 with flowers, herbs, and of course, veggies!

  80. suz says:

    i recently retired, so i hope to be spending more quality time with all my garden beds (perennials and a few vegs). –suz in ohio

  81. Jodi says:

    My 2017 garden plans are to start an asparagus patch. The area has been selected, the bed has been prepared and the crowns are ordered for spring delivery and planting.

  82. Roxanne Lucchesi says:

    I plan to plant my first vegetable garden – at the age of 60! I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I am sure that Lee Valley can help!

  83. Melissa says:

    I want to try melons this year as well as more squash, and maybe a half-raised bed of amaranth.

  84. Robert Blunk says:

    We just bought our first home! We are planning on a complete overhaul of the homes flower beds and garden. Reshaping and edging the beds, moving perennials, lots of colorful annuals. The plan is a work in progress but its going to be a big change.

  85. Sam says:

    Many things, repairing and expanding raised beds for vegetables, adding in a pair of flower beds. Possibly a couple of tree additions, if we beat the inertia.

  86. Just Jen says:

    I’m going in 2 completely different directions … my son is establishing a cidery in our current location which will mean apple tree planting up the wazoo. And we will be relocating to a lakeside Virginia forest so establishing a brand NEW garden from scratch. Exciting. And daunting!

  87. Laura says:

    I plan to renovate a formerly shade and now sun bed as well as be more diligent in my watering after this summer’s drought.

  88. Lisa C says:

    In 2017 the never ending raised bed expansion will end and I’ll focus on growing in the spaces we already have developed! I’m looking forward to harvesting some pineberries (planted in 2016), trying out some new varieties of squash and tomatoes and paying more attention to my raspberry canes.

  89. J.B. says:

    We’re looking forward to a great sweet potato harvest next year. Sadly, the vines were a bit neglected in 2016 and suffered with the drought here. We can do better next year and enjoy the bounty all through the winter.

  90. chris says:

    I am moving in a few weeks, so plan is starting from scratch (again)! Our yard is not large, so I expect we’ll do some smaller containers on the deck with a smaller raised bed in the yard. There is a mature apricot tree in the yard already, which is a bonus.

  91. Ann Morgan says:

    I plan to find an alternate spot for tomatoes. Grown too many years in the same spot, I suspect.

  92. Kate Watson says:

    I’d like to clear some brush from my wooded back yard and plant some shade plants.

  93. Nadine Ursuliak says:

    2017 will be busy moving our veggie garden to a sunnier spot in the yard. Our neighbours trees have gotten so big that they let little light through to our poor veggies. Some garden items from Lee Valley would make this process a little easier!

  94. Thanks for another contest! This will be my second gardening year in our new place so we have learned a lot from successes and failures of this past season. Peas and beans will be one of the main crops. Also, I loved the patty pan we grew and more will be planted in 2017!

  95. Linda says:

    For 2017, we’re planning on installing a cloche on our plot to try growing tomatoes.

  96. barbara gebuhr says:

    This year I plan to plant holly in a place where it can spread, and add one more raised bed, and a different grape variety, among the rest of the dreams for the gardens that already exist.

  97. Roxanne Hume says:

    I really need to work on my soil in my perennial beds. I know everything will grow better when I do. Slot of things need to be rearranged as well.

  98. Amy says:

    I’m hoping to start our garden! As apartment livers we are looking into plant boxes, hopefully specialising in veggies and spices.

  99. Genevieve M says:

    My garden plans include expanding my medicinal herb beds and planting more rare sweetpeas for my sister so that she has a secure source of seeds for her flower farm. Last year all of her sweetpeas contracted a virus and died so this year I will be growing out a bunch of her favorite varieties.

  100. Patricia says:

    I will grow more tomatoes, peas, beans abd would like to add okra. I had lot of success with sunflowers last year so I’m gonna plant more! Can’t wait.

  101. Rose Rommens says:

    I need to cut back on my garden this year as there are only two of us now. (I’ve said this for two years 🙂 )
    I am having a greenhouse build. After canning and dehydrating for so long I would like to try to lengthen my growing season (5A) to have fresh veggies longer and earlier.

  102. Ellen Sweeney says:

    I am purchasing a home for the first time, and have big plans for gardening in my new yard next year. I plan to clean out the overgrown yard, fill it full of perennials (hostas, etc.), plant some raspberry bushes, and add beds for vegetables, as well as the container gardening that I have honed in my years as a balcony gardener.

  103. I love flowers and would love to plant some foxgloves.

  104. Ruth says:

    I’ll be adding some hard landscaping then a formal section to my garden.

  105. Emma Murphy says:

    This past summer I saw my glorious garden torn up because we did a major addition and renovation to our 1876 brick house. Even my 16 year old pond had to be drained. I potted up as much plant material as I could and created my own shade and sun nurseries in my backyard; then invited my fellow gardeners to grab some plants. Next spring I start with a clean slate, so I am looking forward to planning during the winter and getting to work this spring. Rather than being depressed about the loss of my gardens, I choose to be excited about recreating and improving them next year!

  106. Emma Murphy says:

    This summer I saw my beautiful gardens removed for a renovation and addition to our 1876 brick home. I lost my pond and all my perennial gardens. I potted up as much as I could and set up a shade and sun nursery in my back yard, then invited my gardening friends to come and grab some plants. Rather than being depressed about this, I view it as an opportunity for a ‘clean slate’ next spring, so will spend the winter planning the new vision. Should be fun!

  107. Michael says:

    We’ve been growing up some citrus trees that we bought in 1-gallon pots a couple of years ago. We’ve moved them to bigger pots twice now, and this spring we’re going to plant them out along a set of berms and swales that catch rainwater runoff from up the hill. Can’t wait to get our first lemons and oranges!

  108. Zack Branscombe says:

    For 2017 I will be expanding my gutter garden, building a new 4′ by 8′ raised bed and focusing on doing a better job at succession planting so I always have fresh vegetables!

  109. Tainan Lu says:

    I plan to start gardening

  110. Toni Nelson says:

    For 2017 I want to clean up a corner of the yard to start a garden in, at least half peas if I have my way.

  111. Alexander Stephens says:

    rose garden

  112. Chris MacDonald says:

    Mt gardening plans in 2017 include creating an all white blooming garden that will contrast with an all pink bloming garden…it will look so cool!

  113. Mariko Pond says:

    This year, my garden plans for 2017 include planting a lot more flowers to make it look like an English garden!

  114. JerryB says:

    Hoping to expand our raised garden to accommodate some more veggies

  115. Tracy D says:

    We’re planning to put a new hedgerow in, and expand our veggie garden.

  116. William Ng says:

    My plans for 2017 is to grow an abundance of herbs and harvest them to dehydrate and turn into a powder (like matcha) and dust it over dishes for presentation and a layered taste.

  117. Beth Firth says:

    Our plans for garden season 2017 just changed drastically when we decided to put off the construction of 2 new hoop houses for our market garden! We are going to focus instead on maximizing the two we already have and continue planting our permaculture orchard! Loving the snow…and looking forward to spring!

  118. Suzi Gilmore says:

    We are putting up fence around our yard so we don’t have to worry about bunnies, wandering dogs or groundhogs (hopefully) from getting in. Plus, I want to include edibles in my perennial beds and start a raspberry hedge. And we plan on doing fall planting this year and covering those beds with a hoop house. I plan on having growing greens through next winter.

  119. Penni Fryman says:

    Add to my three Monarch Waystations and plant a new community veggie garden.

  120. Christy E says:

    Our garden plans for 2017 are all veggie related! We need to move the strawberry plants and get some new soil. We will plant much of the same – cucs, tomatoes, carrots, onions, squashes, beans, peas, kale, beans. Already looking forward to it!

  121. Robin says:

    I plan to increase my garden space,grow and collect seeds and share any extras.I will be canning,freezing, root cellaring,and drying food.I also plan on making a bee and butterfly area as well as an herb area.

  122. Gary Lin says:

    I plan to revamp my lawn grass and take good care of my cherry and apple trees.

  123. Patrick Siu says:

    I want to try using grow bag this year and put fabric on my cabbages to stop worms from making holes.

  124. Joyce Dewar says:

    I plan to grow more vegetables and herbs in containers. Build and then use a salad table. Put in blueberries. I’m hoping to provide at least half of my groceries with my own veggies.

  125. AM Allen says:

    My biggest and most exciting plan is planting different cabbages with celery in between for cabbage worm control. I have perfect place for a showy display. I’m also going to build a a second PVC grower for mints and herbs. 12017 is my year to grow up!

  126. Michelle says:

    I plan on adding some herbs to my tiny front flower garden in 2017.

  127. Louellen says:

    I’d like to grow more herbs and greens, more flowers and veggies, more perennials,…oh I just want to grow more of everything!

  128. jennie says:

    This year I plan on doing a garden patch twice as big, and maybe some pear trees.

  129. Dora Berry says:

    I am creating an aesthetically beautiful, food forest in my front yard, PLUS adding cold frames, both as planters and as a small greenhouse, in my fun and edible backyard!

  130. Cindy Tony says:

    Despite major surgery last year, I added another small butterfly garden last summer. I need to clean up and edge my beds, and some quality garden tools are sorely needed.

  131. Kelly H says:

    My garden plans for next year include adding a few more raised beds, building some flower beds using field rocks, and planting some Black Walnut Trees and Hop Vines.

  132. Maureen Anderson says:

    We are going to built a sturdy raised garden. Also another long narrow one to plant sunflower for a wind block.

  133. Gina Bianchi says:

    I will be trying to think of ways to make it easier to maintain my many garden beds (what was I thinking??!!) LOL!!

  134. jan says:

    For 2017 my garden plans are replace a large portion of the backyard grass with vegetable gardens

  135. Mike Bilo says:

    I plan on making a lattice for my 2 cedar raised garden beds and plant additional vegetables next year

  136. Tina says:

    Adding to the veggie garden and maybe some roses.

  137. Stacy Swain says:

    Been adding native plants, daylilies and apple trees to help filter the drainage from ours and our neighbors yards before it is released into the river we live along. This year I’d like to figure out how to incorporate some vegetables in as well. Love your tools. We’ve been using a pair of garden forks for over a decade and they’re still going strong!

  138. Erinn De Crescenzo says:

    I didn’t have good luck this year. I’ve only had my own garden for 2 summers so I’m a beginner and I’m excited to start over in the spring and try again. I think I’ll expand my little garden beds and try different plant types this year and try to find something that works. I was thinking…..more fruits and berries? Probably a little challenging for someone like me who is new to gardening but I guess I’ll learn either way. Thank you!

  139. Donna L. says:

    I’m planning to start growing some vegetables in containers. We have mostly shade in our garden, so I plan on moving around the containers to get them into the sun throughout the day.

  140. nick a. says:

    I plan to put in a water feature like a small pond in my garden.

  141. Patti says:

    My gardening plans for 2017 is to build a brand new one. Just moved to Florida from Tennessee 3 weeks ago. I also need to learn to garden in a zone 9 from a zone 7 and zone 5 before that.

  142. Jasen H says:

    In 2017 I’m hoping to set up a few raised planting beds. Tomatoes and Peppers are on the agenda!

  143. Lindsay Pottinger says:

    Convert the sod in the front yard to a full perennial bed!!

  144. Kimberly Tilsley says:

    More perennial fruits added to our edible landscape! 🙂

  145. peter prosser says:

    I am thinking more space for more giant pumpkins.

  146. accontests6 says:

    TO build a garden. I keep meaning to start one.

  147. SarahJ says:

    My garden plans for 2017 is to build a fence for my beans to crawl up.

  148. Cindy Peterson says:

    I have a small square foot herb garden planned in an old fashioned footed tub.

  149. Sandi Tymchuk says:

    For 2017, my garden plans are to maintain my perennial garden, dividing some that have lost their vigor.

  150. leslie z. says:

    i would like to start a herb garden in 2017

  151. Kristi F says:

    My plans include some raised beds in my yard to grow more vegetables 🙂

  152. Dan Buls says:

    I plant to grow hops, redo my grape arbor and plant a fig and sour cherry tree.

  153. Sally Krusky says:

    My garden plans are to hire a someone to help pull weeds, I didn’t do well this year with them

  154. ariel c says:

    I would love to grow some more herbs!

  155. adam steele says:

    build a tiny greenhouse on my patio!

  156. Judy Calloway says:

    I will be doing for the very first time Raised Beds , many of them! I also plan on doing a field full of nothing but Wildflowers for all the Butterflies and Bees. We need to bring the number counts back up on them as we need them so much! Thank you for the contest. Good luck everyone!

  157. Mary Warner says:

    I want to dig up an used, sunny patch of grass and put in a herb garden.

  158. Ron Friesen says:

    My garden plans for next year are to work on my raised bed and to plant more varieties of vegetables.

  159. janine a says:

    2017 plans include having a baby, new play set for our little guy, and hopefully moving 🙂

  160. Zack says:

    2017 will be the last year of trade school! 🙂 woo

  161. Janine a says:

    whoops! read it wrong, I thought it said plans for 2017 I didn’t see the word GARDEN! haha. I actually do have big garden plans, my dad and i are making a big veggie garden together 🙂

  162. John Kennedy says:

    We plan to expand our vegetable garden in 2017 and use the area where we have the Play Centre for the Grandkids. Now that they are bigger we can re-claim that spot .

  163. Eileen B says:

    I will be filling up my containers with flowers and doing square foot gardening for vegetables.

  164. DebP says:

    I neglected my garden this year because I was spending so much time doing elder care and upkeep on my parents’ house. In 2017, I plan to do a thorough retooling of my garden.

  165. Heather Swanson says:

    Hanging plants to attract hummingbirds

  166. Rajee Pandi says:

    Love to grow herbs and veggies

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