Snow Covered Greenhouse

Spring has sprung… in my greenhouse!

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You can’t tell in the photos, but spring has definitely sprung in my DIY greenhouse! Despite the cold and snow that continue to stick around outside, the ground is completely thawed in my greenhouse and I’ve been busy sowing my garden seeds.

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The best part about having a greenhouse is getting a HUGE jump on the gardening season. The other day, as a fresh layer of snow (8 inches!) was falling outside, I was in my greenhouse happily sowing seeds in my garden. In fact, I will have all of the cold-tolerant crops sown in my vegetable garden before the snow melts outside! A snowstorm in March? Bring it on Mother Nature! I’ll be in the greenhouse.

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Oh, and what do you do after a snowstorm buries your garden and greenhouse in 8 inches of snow? You take a greenhouse selfie of course…

DIY Greenhouse Selfie

Greenhouse Selfie

Do you have a greenhouse or do you use any other type of season extenders to get a jump on spring? Tell us about your season extenders or your DIY greenhouse in the comments section below.


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