Snapped: The ultimate greenhouse and potting “shed”

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A couple of years ago, I toured the greenhouse/potting “shed” you see above while on the Toronto Botanical Garden’s annual “Through The Garden Gate” garden tour. I say “shed” in air quotes, because, well, look at the size of it! I swear it was bigger than my last house, a wee, two-bedroom bungalow. So while most of us will not have the acreage to accommodate such a building, I think the one below is a perfectly reasonable size, don’t you?

Having this in my backyard would be a dream come true!

Having this in my backyard would be a dream come true!

This one, which was a highlight of last year’s garden tour, features built-in cold frames and ample space to give plants a head start on the season. This is what I’ll be dreaming out. My reality will probably be something that my husband and I build ourselves, eventually. My neighbour says he has some spare windows we could use to build our own – he did a fantastic job with his DIY greenhouse.

Have you built your own greenhouse or potting shed?

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2 Responses to Snapped: The ultimate greenhouse and potting “shed”

  1. Liam Corrighan says:

    What a beautiful Glasshouse!! It’s one of the most attractive greenhouses I’ve ever seen. Do you know who the greenhouse manufacturer is? Where can I get one?! Do you happen to know if it’s a Hartley Victorian Greenhouse?

  2. savvygardening says:

    Hi Liam, I do believe it is a Harley as the US Facebook page for the company posted it and said it was one of theirs:

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