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Easy seed starting setup

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It’s that time of year again (already?!), time to dust off the seed starting equipment and get sowing. I thought it would be fun to share my seed starting setup with you guys today. I like to make things as easy as possible for myself, so I have this mini greenhouse that I use for starting my seeds indoors.

I’ve had my mini greenhouse for several years and love it! I can fit two seed flats on each shelf, and hang grow lights right above my flats. Perfect for growing seeds indoors!

seed starting setup

Seed starting setup

I’ve made my list, and I’m going to be disinfecting my seed flats soon. Can’t wait to get started sowing my seeds. I’ll be starting my tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and marigolds first, then I’ll move on to the seeds on my list that are faster to germinate. Soon those shelves will be heavy with seed flats and (hopefully) baby seedlings!

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