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Recipe idea: Stuffed squash

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I grew pattypan squash for the first time this year. This summer squash variety is often found in miniature on a plate, roasted along with other bite-sized veggies, but I let mine grow to the size of a normal squash. Then I had to decide how to eat my prolific harvest. The answer? Stuffed squash.

I decided to modify my zucchini pizza idea and come up with some interesting fillings. Of course you can do this with any edible member of the squash family!

Basically, I take the top off the squash as I would if I were about to carve a pumpkin, and scoop out the seeds. I scoop out a little more of the flesh if I want to make more room for the filling.

Then, I brush olive oil on the outside of the squash and cook it on the barbecue for about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, I’m doing all the prep for the filling. When the squash is ready, I simply spoon it in and put it back on the barbecue for another few minutes to warm everything up. To eat, I slice the whole thing up and eat a bite of squash with some filling on top. The skin on my pattypans is a bit tough compared to a zucchini, so I peel that off as I go.

I love to grab as many ingredients as I can from the garden, but really, the filling is up to you! Here are a few ideas…

Stuffed squash filling ideas

1. Quinoa-stuffed squash: Prepare quinoa, allow to cool and then add onions, parsley, chickpeas and drizzle with a lemon-garlic dressing. You could also use a store-bought balsamic vinaigrette and for a little extra flavour? Feta. You could also substitute the quinoa for brown rice.

Quinoa-stuffed squash

Quinoa-stuffed squash

2. Spanakopita-esque filling: For this one, I sautéed some New Zealand spinach (I’d gotten the seedlings to plant from a friend earlier in the season) with olive oil, garlic, parsley and onions and then before stuffing the squash, I threw in some feta.

Spinach-stuffed squash

Spinach-stuffed squash

3. Thanksgiving-themed squash: Each year, I make a quinoa dish that is mixed with roasted butternut squash, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds and pecans. I think this would make a great filling for a butternut or acorn squash. Throw a few sage leaves on top and you’ve got a pretty fall side dish.

4. Roasted veggies: If you’re roasting a bunch of root veggies, like carrots and beets on the barbecue, why not add them to your squash “bowl” to serve to guests.

4. Meat: I’m stealing from my zucchini recipe here, but you could fill your squash with taco meat, sausage or chicken and add other veggies and whatever sauce you have on hand.

There are so many options and if your harvest is like mine, so many squash!

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