crazy kale plant

My crazy kale plant

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Two years ago – the spring of 2013 to be exact – I planted a row of ‘Vates Blue’ kale. In the fall, I took one out and put it in my fall container. When I deconstructed the pot for a winter arrangement, I stuck the kale back in the garden, but in a different raised bed. That winter, the deer ate my original row, but somehow missed this one solitary plant.

In the spring, my hardy plant grew yellow flowers that the bees loved – probably because it was one of the first plants to bloom in the spring. I kept in the ground over the winter and the deer missed it again. This past spring the same thing happened – flowers followed by a prolific, continuous harvest.

My two-year-old kale plant is still producing tender leaves!

My two-year-old kale plant is still producing tender leaves!

Then in the summer I noticed that the base of the plant has gotten so big it has developed bark like a young tree. Now I haven’t tasted the leaves raw, but I steam them and bake them into chips and they still taste delicious! Now that my monster plant has gotten so big, I don’t have the heart to yank it out. I want to see if it will come back for a third year!

My two-year-old kale plant has tree bark!

My two-year-old kale plant has tree bark!

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4 Responses to My crazy kale plant

  1. JessB says:

    Don’t take it out! I had one for 4+ years. My neighbor joked that it needed to draw Social Security. The amount of food we got off that one plant was ridiculous.

  2. Orin Eisenhauer says:

    I didn’t know they would grow the that long. I have left kale and harvested seeds the second year that I then used for sprouts. I must try leaving one longer.

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