The Savvy Gardening experts are Jessica Walliser, Tara Nolan and Niki Jabbour

How we met

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The seed for Savvy Gardening was sown in Quebec City in August 2013 when Jessica, Tara, and Niki connected at the annual Garden Writers Association symposium. This event brings together garden writers from the US, Canada and the UK and is a great chance to brush up on writing, speaking and photography skills, but also offers the opportunity to explore both public and private gardens in the host city.

Niki had met Tara a few years back at Canada Blooms and Jessica at the 2011 Garden Writers Symposium held in Indianapolis. After introducing Tara and Jess, the three of them found themselves waiting in a rather long bus line for one of the early morning garden tours (clutching their much-needed cups of coffee and tea). The three of them immediately clicked and they spent much of the symposium swapping gardening adventures – both good and bad! By the time the event wrapped up, it became apparent that together, they had much to share, and the idea for Savvy Gardening was germinated.

The three of us come from different geographical areas, but share a passion for gardening, even if we all have slightly different interests. Jessica is bug crazy and focuses on the good – and bad – guys of the garden. Tara eyes the bold and beautiful flowering and foliage plants that thrive in both gardens and containers. Niki is a veggie fanatic, growing year round in her 2,000-square-foot plot. Together, we offer innovative and creative ideas for growing a better garden.

Image courtesy of Carleen Madigan of Storey Publishing


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  1. Ron Mitchell says:

    I always wondered, now I know.

  2. Rebecca says:

    That’s why your site is excellent!
    Three heads are better than one 😄

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