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Create a moss-covered pot for spring blooms

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In 2012, my mom and I went to Floriade, a horticultural expo that happens once every 10 years in the Netherlands. We stayed in the town of Venlo and one afternoon, as we were exploring all the little shops, we came across these cute little moss-covered pots.

Moss pots outside of a flowershop in Venlo, Netherlands.

Moss-covered pots outside of a flower shop in Venlo, Netherlands.

I’d been wanting to recreate the look, so when I was grabbing some spring bloomers for Easter from i fiori, a fantastic little flower shop in Hamilton, Ontario, I added sheet moss to my purchase.

Creating your moss-covered pot

Bev, the owner of i fiori, explained how I should soak the sheet moss and then gently wring it out like a facecloth. Otherwise the moss crumbles. The wet moss was easier to work with, but I’ll admit I found it challenging to wrap the moss around the pot. You almost need two people—one to hold the moss in place while the other uses thin floral wire to secure it. I used a coir pot as I thought the moss might also adhere a bit better to it than plastic.

When I finally had everything just so, I wrapped some twine around the pot for extra security—and because it looked pretty. One tip I feel I must pass on from Bev is not to dump the moss water down your drain. Because the moss expands in water, it would wreak havoc on your pipes!

I popped vibrant ranunculus into my moss-covered pots, but there are all sorts of lovely spring blooms on display at this time of year, from flowering bulbs to sweet, colourful primulas.

I loved the look of ranunculus in my moss-covered pot!

I loved the look of ranunculus in my moss-covered pot!

Another moss project I’d love to recreate includes:
* This frame filled with moss and succulents that I saw at Canada Blooms

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