Protect Gardens From Frost

Snapped: 10 creative ways to protect your garden from frost

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Fall is here and for many of us, frost will be threatening our gardens soon. Every year it seems like frost sneaks up quickly, and I’m usually never ready when the time comes. I seem to always be scrambling for anything I can use to cover my sensitive plants and protect my gardens from frost damage. Over the years, I’ve built up a nice collection of bed sheets I’ve found for pennies at garage sales, but I always seem to need more. Well, bed sheets aren’t the only thing you can use to protect your gardens from frost.

You can use any type of fabric you can get your hands on. Here are a few ideas.

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10 ways to protect your garden from frost

  1. Bed sheets
  2. Towels
  3. Light blankets
  4. Canvas drop cloth
  5. Extra sewing material
  6. Cloth shower curtain
  7. Fabric table cloth
  8. Pillow cases
  9. Duvet cover
  10. Burlap

Bonus: In a pinch, you could grab an empty flower pot, bucket or barrel, flip it upside down and toss over the top of a plant. This will work like a cloche to protect tender plants from frost damage.

What are some creative items you’ve used to protect your garden from frost damage?



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