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What to do with amaryllis bulbs in the fall

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If you kept your amaryllis bulbs after they finished blooming in hopes that they will rebloom this year, now is the perfect time to set the wheels in motion. Amaryllis plants are very easy to care for, and they make lovely houseplants. But, they probably won’t bloom for you unless you take a few steps in the fall to help them out.

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Amaryllis Blooming | SavvyGardening.com

Amaryllis Blooming

Amaryllis need a bit of care in the fall in order to bloom year after year. Here are a few quick tips for getting your amaryllis to rebloom…

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Amaryllis Bulbs With New Growth | SavvyGardening.com

Amaryllis Bulbs With New Growth

What to do with amaryllis bulbs in the fall

  1. Move the plants to a cool, dark location. You can cut off the foliage, or wait until it turns brown to remove it.
  2. Keep them cool (around 50-55F degrees) and don’t water them for 6-8 weeks. Some people like to remove the bulbs from dirt during this dormancy period, but that step is optional.
  3. After the 6-8 week timeframe, pot them up (if you removed them from the pots), water them, and move them to a warm sunny room or window.
  4. Keep the potting soil evenly moist until you see new growth (don’t overwater amaryllis plants). Many times you’ll see the flower spike first, other times the foliage will form before the flower spike.

Amaryllis plants are easy to care for and can bloom year after year. So give it a try, you’ll see it’s pretty easy.

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Amaryllis Blooming In Sunny Window | SavvyGardening.com

Amaryllis Blooming In Sunny Window

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