Three favourite garlic varieties

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One of the things I like to recommend to new gardeners is that they plant their grocery list, meaning they start by growing the edibles that they use most often to make meals. For me, one of those edibles is garlic. I use a LOT of it in my cooking. Every other recipe (I make most of my own sauces and dressings) seems to call for a clove or three!

Rather than pay for cloves of garlic at the grocery store, I pay a Prince Edward Island-based farmer named Al Picketts. For the past three years I have ordered my garlic from Al’s company, Eureka Garlic.

It’s sometimes hard to tell the subtle differences in flavour, but these are the varieties that I most enjoy:

French Rocambole: This is my favourite. The bulbs are always nice and plump with lovely streaks of purple. The flavour is subtle, but delicious.

Music: These guys are supposed to be fairly big, but mine last year were tinier. However they still gave off a pretty strong flavour. And, they lasted well in storage all winter!

Northern Quebec: I chose this one last year for the name (to celebrate my husband’s French Canadian heritage) and it’s a new favourite. But if a recipe calls for three cloves, I would use one. It is potent! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Here’s how I usually keep track of what garlic I plant where, as well as some harvesting tips to save for next year!

Want to know how to plant garlic? Here’s a great video with tips for successful garlic growing.

Do you have a favourite garlic variety?

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