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Tara’s top gifts for gardeners

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Jessica kicked off our gift-giving series the other day with three unique ideas for green thumbs. Today it’s my turn. I’ve chosen two invaluable items that I use pretty much every day when I’m out in the garden and one idea that I think is just an all-round cool concept. Santa, take note!

Rose gloves
I have many pairs of gardening gloves. But the ones I use most often have leather hands and gauntlets that reach practically to my elbows. They are rose gloves, but I use them for so much more than just trimming roses. They protect my hands from all sorts of sharp, scratchy, spiny things I may encounter in and around the garden, from nasty weeds to hidden thorns. I’m not certain what brand I have, but check your local nursery.

garden tubby
My tubby

My pink tubby follows me around the garden. It holds plants, tools, water, weeds – it pretty much does whatever I need it to in the garden. It is light and durable, with handles that make it easy to cart around. I’ve seen Tubbys at various garden centres. Mine is made by a Canadian company called Garant. They are also called Tub Trugs on Amazon. Whatever it’s called, this plastic container also makes a great gift “bag”—use it to hold other gifts!

The Cubit’s Seed of the Month Club
This is the cool pick. One pack of seeds every month for a year! I’m pretty sure I met Laura Watt through Instagram – or one of my social media accounts. Laura owns an ethical seed company called Cubit’s. I’ve purchased seeds from Laura in the mail and she recently had a booth at the One of a Kind Christmas Show in Toronto. The price includes shipping in North America. You can purchase via (type in Cubit’s) or through Etsy.

main image courtesy of Cubit’s

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