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5 ways to spice up your vegetable garden this year!

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Many people treat their vegetable garden as purely functional, and they tuck it away in the back corner of their yard to hide the ugly. Stop the madness! Your vegetable garden doesn’t have to be boring or ugly. It’s time to start treating your vegetable garden as a thing of beauty, and show it off! Here are 5 ways to spice things up and add beauty to your vegetable garden…

  1. Grow up! There are many benefits to growing climbing vegetables like beans, cucumbers, peas and squash vertically. Add some interest and focal points to your vegetable garden this year with trellises, a garden arch, or a bamboo frame.
  2. Line your vegetable garden with marigolds and other annual flowers. Not only will this add beauty, but flowering plants also help to attract beneficial insects to your garden, which help with pollination and pest control.

    Vegetable Garden Lined With Marigolds

    Vegetable Garden Lined With Marigolds

  3. Don’t just grow boring green vegetables. Get creative with your vegetable choices and add some color to your vegetable garden. There are many cool looking crops that come in a variety of different colors. Tuck lots of Swiss chard, colorful lettuces or beets in with your other vegetables, or go bold with rows of purple vegetables (like cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, basil or beans).
  4. Add more pops of color by tucking annual flowers right in your vegetable garden beds. Some of my favorite combos are nasturtiums with my squash, red salvia next to my cucumbers, and sunflowers with my beans.
  5. Get creative with colorful garden structures and growing supports. An easy way to add pops of color to your vegetable garden is with paint. Why not paint your raised beds, tomato cages, trellises, obelisks or even your garden gate with bold pops of color.
Blue Obelisks In Vegetable Garden

Growing Squash on Blue Obelisks in the Vegetable Garden

As you’re planning your vegetable garden this winter, make sure you keep these ideas in mind. Turn your vegetable garden into a functional AND beautiful garden. Heck, maybe you’ll even decide to move it out of the back corner and put it front and center in your yard this year!

What are your favorite ways to add beauty to your vegetable garden? Tell us in the comments below!

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4 Responses to 5 ways to spice up your vegetable garden this year!

  1. I’m so inspired by your article. I think I may use those few mild winter days to clean up and paint my old trellis.

  2. Davin says:

    What kind of paint are you using for raised beds and how safe is it?

    • I used wood stain rather than paint so that the wood can breath. It’s a good idea to check with your local paint store to talk to them about garden-safe stain options.

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