Japanese Beetles Feasting On Bean Plant

Japanese beetles

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The Japanese beetles are out in full force in my garden right now, and they’ve been busy doing their best to destroy some of my favorite plants and flowers. If you don’t have Japanese beetles in your garden yet, you’re lucky. The good thing is that they only stick around for a few months, so hopefully they will be disappearing soon.

We like talking about beneficial insects better than invasive insects, that’s for sure. But Japanese beetles are one of those bad bugs that many gardeners have to deal with, and they are at the top of my mind right now. There are many different ways to control Japanese beetles organically.

The main way that I control Japanese beetles in my garden is by hand picking them and dropping them into a bucket of soapy water. It’s not a fun job (although I’ve heard that kids find it very entertaining) and I always have to wear gloves. I can’t stand it when a Japanese beetle crawls on my hand, and have been known to run away screaming (right after I drop the bucket full of beetles). I’ve also learned that it’s best to hand pick Japanese beetles either early in the morning or late in the evening, otherwise they are very active and they will fly away. But, they don’t always fly away from you, they tend to fly right at you (causing more screaming). Yuck!

But don’t let me scare you, Japanese beetles are pretty easy to hand pick once you get the hang of it. Plus, it’s definitely satisfying to see all those nasty Japanese beetles floating in the bucket at the end of the day.

Japanese Beetles Destroying Rose Flowers

Japanese Beetles Destroying Rose Flowers

Are you battling Japanese beetles in your garden right now? Leave us a comment and tell us about how you control them.

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