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It’s a bug-eat-bug world out there! And when it comes to one “good” bug eating another “good” bug, the act is known as Intra-Guild Predation (IGP). This photo is a prime example of IGP. It shows a crab spider with a small, native, green metallic sweat bee in its grasp.

Crab spiders are one type of hunting spider. Rather than capturing their prey in a web, they hunker down in a flower and wait for an unsuspecting insect to drop by and become lunch. All spiders are beneficial to the garden because they capture and consume many different garden pests. Occasionally, however, they’ll also nab a pollinator. And when they do, they’re merely taking part in the intricate web of life that includes IGP. Amazing to think that this kind of life-and-death action occurs in our yards and gardens each and every day!

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