Beautiful Gladiolus

Beautiful gladiolus

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The gladiolus in my garden are looking better than ever this year. They may look intimidating, but gladiolus are really easy to grow. I like to grow them with tropical bulbs like elephant ears and canna lilies. They are absolutely stunning with the dark canna lily leaves as a backdrop.

Gladiolus are so prolific that I end up with several more bulbs each fall than I started with in the spring, which allows me to share them with friends.

One of the things I love the most about gladiolus is that they are easy to overwinter, so I don’t have to buy new bulbs every spring. These varieties aren’t hardy in my z4b gardens, so I overwinter them in my basement. To store gladiolus, I simply dig up the bulbs late in the fall before winter sets in. Then I cut off all of the foliage and wrap the bulbs in newspaper. I store the bulbs in a box in my basement through the winter. By spring, most of the gladiolus bulbs have already started to grow inside the box.



Do you grow gladiolus in your garden? Share your experience and photos it in the comments section below.


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  1. Susan Gilmour says:

    Do you mind if I borrow this idea, I just happen to have unplanted glads and bronze cannas still, its been so hot here to plant. They will still be great looking just a bit later in the season which is fine by me, anything to extend it. Thanks.

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