japanese anemones

Fall-flowering beauties

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The other day, while on a sunny fall walk, I happened upon a gorgeous garden with an abundance of blooms. I was captivated by the prolific Japanese anemones shown above. When I got home, I added them to a list of plants I want to add to my garden next year that I’ve started in my garden journal.

This leads me to a tip for the day: Create a list of autumn bloomers, such as Japanese anemones, perennial mums, or dahlias, that you’ve admired in other gardens now, so you don’t forget to look for them at the garden centre come spring.

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After a long winter, it’s natural to go for the plants that will provide more immediate colour, but by adding a few fall perennials among the spring and summer bloomers, you will ensure continuous colour in your garden throughout the seasons.

What’s on your list for next year?

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