Grow Gardeners: Kid-Testing Gardening With Children, a 4-Step Approach

Short & Savvy Podcast: Grow Gardeners with Steven Biggs

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Steven Biggs, author of No Guff Vegetable Gardening and Grow Figs Where You Think You Can’t, has released a brand new book. It’s aimed at the parents of pint-sized green thumbs and it’s called Grow Gardeners: Kid-Tested Gardening with Children, a 4-Step Approach. Steven had a special co-author for this book, his nine-year-old daughter, Emma.

I had the honour of editing this book for Steven, so I got a super sneak peek. I was immediately impressed by Steven’s matter-of-fact advice for parents. I also loved reading Emma’s tips (for example, “Adults can help by being more silly.”) and anecdotes of her gardening adventures with her siblings – asparagus tickle fights and zucchini phones, collecting mushrooms and snails, and more. “It’s easy to make the garden a fun place for children because they have imagination, energy, and curiosity,” explains Steven in the book. “All we as adults need to do is channel that spirit towards the garden.”

The result is a colourful, engaging read, with lots of photos and Emma’s illustrations.

Niki and I had a chance to sit down with Steven at Canada Blooms in March and chat about his book. In this Short & Savvy podcast, Steven provides a few tips for parents of budding green thumbs. We were at a luncheon, so please excuse the clanging noises and overall din! Simply press the “play” arrow below to listen!

Steven’s book can be purchased on his website,

How do you encourage your kids in the garden?

Steven Biggs with Grow Gardeners book

Steven with his book at Canada Blooms.

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