Savvy’s Niki Jabbour wins the gold!

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We’re thrilled to announce that Savvy contributor Niki Jabbour has won the Garden Writers Association’s Gold Award for Best On-Air Talent for her radio program, The Weekend Gardener!!! Niki has been hosting the show for eight years on News 95.7FM in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It can also be heard in Ottawa on 1310 News, as well as online at And, lucky for us, Niki’s award-winning program is also podcasted here

“I love the fast pace of radio and the challenge of juggling guests, callers, tweeters (we get hundreds of tweets during each show) and those unexpected hiccups that pop up on live radio, all while keeping the show on track,” Niki says. “Mind you, I have plenty of help from my producer Meghan Groff, who keeps everything running smoothly and has really helped me hone my radio skills. And, who reminds me to talk s-l-o-w-e-r when I start to go into hyper speed!”

Niki has hosted The Weekend Gardener for the past eight years.

Niki has hosted The Weekend Gardener for the past eight years.

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Niki also enjoys having the opportunity to interview many interesting guests. Each week she has between three and five guests during the two hour broadcast. Together, Niki and her guest experts cover a broad range of garden-related subjects. “Many of our guests will join me several times over the course of a season, and I’ve developed a great relationship with these regular contributors – we have a fun familiarity which shows in our on-air chats.” Niki works hard to ensure there’s plenty of fresh, unique, and interesting content every week. She’s always on the lookout for new guests and topics that bring compelling and useful gardening advice to her listeners.

Niki Jabbour and Owen Bridge

Niki in-studio with one of her frequent guests, Owen Bridge, owner of Annapolis Seeds.

“We’ve worked so hard to create this show, and I was just thrilled to be honoured for that work,” she says. “Given the achievements of the other shows in my category, I had absolutely no expectation that we would win the Gold Award, so when word came in that we won for On-Air Talent, I was – for the first time – speechless! It’s been so very exciting, and I really appreciate the kind words from everyone who has reached out with their well wishes.”

Please join us in congratulating Niki on her well-deserved award! We’re so proud to have her as part of the Savvy Gardening family. 



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  1. Jeannette says:

    Félicitations Nikki! Tu m’as redonné le goût de jardiner. Ton talent, ton énergie sont contagieux. Au plaisir de t’écouter encore et encore.

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