Our favorite garden rest stops

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For this Because We Say Sow post, we decided to share our favourite place to sit and admire our gardens. After all the planning, planting, weeding and watering, we all deserve a little break to sit back and actually enjoy the fruits of our green-thumbed labour, right?

Jessica says: I bet you’re thinking that I’m going to say that my favorite place to rest is in my hammock. But, nope –  that’s my husband’s hammock. It was his Father’s Day gift several years ago, and I try not to spend too much time in it. Instead, my favorite resting spot is the low, stone wall on the left of the picture. I built this wall several years ago from stone that was once an awkward waterfall where the hydrangea now is. The wall retains part of my shade garden, and as I work, I love to occasionally take a seat on it and rest for a few minutes. It’s the perfect spot to sit and admire my bird feeders and watch my son play on his swing set.

Jessica's surprising seat

Jessica’s surprising seat

Tara says: My favourite place to sit in my yard isn’t in my garden, but on my deck. This old wooden-floored “room” that shakes when you walk across it is where I spend a great deal of time throughout the summer. I have the perfect patio table that seats my whole family when they come to visit, and a tent-like gazebo that shades me from the afternoon sun. When the weather cooperates, it’s where I like to write or read. It’s where I take a break and peel off my gardening gloves for a sip of water or to contemplate a plant tag or to write in my garden journal. It’s where I’ll set a pair of binoculars in case an interesting bird lands in the yard or the baby raccoons who live in a hollow tree out back decide to entertain me. I’ve come out at night to watch the fireflies light up the yard and during a light rain to curl up and read. But the best part of sitting out here is the view. I can’t see my entire garden, but I can see the herb barrel and potscaping that sit in front of my shed, as well as the veggie garden until the daylilies obscure it with their orange faces.

Tara's vantage point from her rickety deck

Tara’s vantage point from her rickety deck

Niki says: OK, I’m cheating here because this isn’t a spot in my garden. I’ve spent the past few days enjoying the wonderful Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh and thought this lovely curved bench was a perfect spot for quiet garden contemplation. The air was fragrant with nearby summer blooming shrubs and perennials, and the bees were buzzing merrily. I’d love to have a nook like this in my own garden (maybe where the damn goutweed is now?) so this will be my inspiration until that goutweed is vanquished for good!

Niki's seating wish

Niki’s seating wish

Where’s your favourite place to sit in the garden?

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