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Dreaming of dahlias

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Last year, I completely forgot to plant dahlias and I have to say I really missed them in my garden. I guess in the springtime, as I was planting new perennials, sowing cool-weather crops, and hardening off my seedlings, I completely forget about buying any summer-flowering bulbs. 

Dahlias make for gorgeous summer bouquets – with the exception of the blooms that are the size of my head. They don’t stand up quite as well in a vase. I’ve started looking at some of the new dahlia varieties that are available on the market and these ones caught my eye:

By the way, the gorgeous dahlia garden shown in the main image above is at Butchart Gardens.


This dahlia that I grew a couple of years ago was absolutely enormous and lasted well into October!


I love the spiky blooms of this dahlia that I snapped in a garden in Victoria, B.C.


I love pompom dahlias!

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