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Decorating with mums for fall color

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I love decorating my front step for all the seasons, but fall is my season to decorate for. Mums are super popular during the late summer and early fall, and I can’t resist snagging a few to add to my fall display. There are so many color options, and it’s fun to get creative with mixing the mums with gourds and pumpkins from the garden. I enjoy decorating with mums in the fall so much that sometimes I tend to get a little carried away!

Here’s some fall decorating inspiration for you so you can spice up your front step or porch this year with mums too!

Creative Fall Mum Arrangement |

Creative Fall Mum Arrangement

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Decorating With Mums |

Decorating With Mums

Layering Mums To Add Height |

Layering Mums With Straw Bales To Add Height

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Mums Add Pops Of Color |

Mums Add Pops Of Color

Oh and P.S., see those cute straw bales I use for fall decorating? Yah, I repurpose those and use them to mulch my vegetable garden in the spring.

Do you decorate with mums in the fall? What are some of your favorite combos?

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2 Responses to Decorating with mums for fall color

  1. Marilyn says:

    My favorite mums are the hardy ones that grow in my garden and are just coming into bloom the last few weeks, and will bloom through the first hard frost. They look like daisies, but in mum colors such as gold, bronze, apricot, purple, dark red, pale pink, etc. Love the yellow/gold ones with the blues of hardy ageratum or leadwort (plumbago,or Ceratostigma), or the blue-green colors of fall cabbages.

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