Endless Illumination Browallia

Browallia and hosta: A shady, dynamic plant duo

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I have a LOT of sunny areas to deal with on my property, so when I’m at the nursery, I’m most often drawn to the full-sun section. But I do have some shady spots to fill, so I need to make an effort to add shade plants to my radar. When I received some ENDLESS Illumination Browallias from Proven Winners to test, I thought they would pair nicely with the gorgeous foliage of the ‘Cool as a Cucumber’ hosta that I brought home from this spring’s President’s Choice preview

'Cool as a Cucumber' Hosta and ENDLESS Illumination Browallia

‘Cool as a Cucumber’ Hosta and ENDLESS Illumination Browallia

Both picks like partial shade, which they receive in the area under some cedars that I chose as their home. The hosta has this beautiful variegated foliage, which forms a nice backdrop for the heat-tolerant Browallias that will bloom (no deadheading required!) all summer long. These are a nice alternative to the Impatiens walleriana that have all but disappeared from garden centres in the spring because of the downy mildew disease.

ENDLESS Illumination will be available in garden centres in spring 2016. Because of the pretty white centres of the blooms, they tend to glow a little rather than fading into the backdrop. I think they would also look great in containers made for shade, don’t you?

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2 Responses to Browallia and hosta: A shady, dynamic plant duo

  1. Ron Mitchell says:

    Out of curiousity, how big is your backyard?

    • Tara Nolan says:

      Hi Ron, I don’t know the exact square footage because it’s an irregular shape, but it’s a fair-sized suburban backyard, with lots of space in the side yards, too!

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