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A quick and easy holiday centrepiece or hostess gift

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Since Christmas likes to sneak up on me every year, when it comes to my DIY projects, I tend to go the simple, stylish route. One thing that I don’t usually think of doing is making indoor potted arrangements. I’ll let a vibrant poinsettia or a majestic amaryllis shine on their own, but I don’t always think about putting them together. But a trip to my local nursery inspired me to purchase a few potted plants that I could use to whip together my own indoor container arrangement.

This one is simply a frosty fern + a poinsettia + a cyprus evergreen + a Santa ornament on a stick (which may cause you to disagree with the “stylish” part of my “simple, stylish” comment) + a birch bark-covered pot + a wee bit of potting soil to fill in the holes and the bottom. It took me no more than five minutes to put it all together.

Holiday arrangement

This indoor arrangement, which would look lovely on a side table or as a centrepiece took a mere five minutes to put together.

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