Buying Seeds In Bulk

A different way to think about buying seeds in bulk

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The other day I noticed that our local co-op was selling garden seeds in bulk for $.10 a seed. When you think about buying seeds in bulk, that usually means buying a huge bag of one variety of seed. But this? This is a different way to think about it. Heck, you could buy just one seed if you wanted to. Ha!

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What a great option. Think of the variety you could get by only buying a couple of each type of seed. For the price of one seed packet, you could buy four or five different varieties of whatever crop you want to try out. Then you’ll know what varieties you like without wasting money buying all those seed packets full of seeds that you might not ever use again. If you don’t like a variety that you bought, then you can try something else for pennies on the dollar.

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Don’t get me wrong, at $.10 per seed, it would definitely be more expensive to buy a whole packet worth of seeds in bulk than it would be to just buy a seed packet (if you only buy one variety of seeds). But what a great option if you just want to try out a couple of seeds of a certain variety to see if you like it, or test how well they do in your garden.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. Would you buy in bulk “by-the-seed”?

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